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QZABs: Qualified Zone Academy Bonds

The U.S. Department of Education's plan for rebuilding America's schools

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January 19, 2017

Observer-Reporter | Washington County News

Trinity discusses possible renovation projects with QZAB funds

Edward McLiney, of McLiney and Company of Kansas City, Mo., discusses financing for a zero-interest QZAB loan Trinity Area School District received. During the special meeting, held Thursday, Trinity administrators outlined several projects they are considering with the $5 million loan... Download full article

CSBA Federal Bonds Program

California School Boards Association (CSBA)

Tax credit bonds for school construction and repairs

Since 2000 the CSBA Finance Corporation has proudly worked with the investment banking firm of McLiney And Company, the nation’s leading provider of QZAB financing. With the creation of the QSCB by the ARRA, CSBA is pleased to expand the work we do with McLiney And Company to include QSCBs. No matter what type of bond you choose, McLiney And Company will handle all of the work necessary to meet all federal and state requirements from start to finish. Your schools receive all of the benefits with virtually no work. In short, we offer 100 percent turn-key programs on a contingency basis. If we are unsuccessful for any reason, there is no charge for anything.... Read full article

Fall 2013

MeASBO, The official publication of the Maine Association of School Business Officials

Funding possibilities numerous for natural gas

Not every banking institution will participate in QZAB funding, but they are out there, as well as brokers, similar to McLiney and Company from Kansas City, Mo., who is able to assist in obtaining the 10-percent matching fund necessary to procure the Federal QZAB requirement. You can’t go to just any bank... Download full article

June 17, 2013

The Bond Buyer

New Requirements for Tax-Credit Bonds Causing Angst

With little fanfare, the Internal Revenue Service has begun requiring issuers of traditional tax credit bonds to file information forms to the recipients of the tax credits and IRS, adding costs and other burdens to cash-strapped school districts and other small issuers... Download full article

August 9, 2012

Cumberland Times News, West Virginia

Bond program saving money for Mineral County taxpayers

"That was our goal — to get it to zero — and we got it to zero," said McLiney. "I have done over 350 of these nationwide, and these terms don't get much better than this. The reason you got the terms you did is because your finances are in good shape. The best schools with the best finances get a zero (percent interest rate)."... McLiney will be working with UMB Bank, which will provide documents to the school district every six months to be sent to the U.S. Treasury Department. The treasury department will pay $1.19 million in interest costs in advance. "So, you have no interest cost," said McLiney...
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November 9, 2009

Dispatch * Argus, Illinois

New bond process will save Moline schools nearly $2 million

Ed McLiney, of McLiney & Company, Kansas City, Mo., told board members Monday that by using Qualified Zone Academy Bonds instead of typical general obligation bonds, the district received a 1.4 percent interest rate, compared to a 3.92 average interest rate for general obligation bonds...
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Oct 2009

Bank News Magazine

Diamonds in the Rough?

For the last 10 years a few banks have been squirreling away a little-known investment that has consistently thrown off above-average returns... Download full article

September 23, 2009

The Observer, Oregon

$1 million interest-free loan pursued by La Grande School District

The La Grande School Board passed a resolution earlier this month giving the district the green light for pursuing the QZAB loan. The resolution was passed following a presentation to the board by Joseph McLiney of McLiney & Co., of Kansas City, Mo. McLiney’s firm helps school districts receive QZAB loans... Read full article

Date ???

The Bond Buyer

McLiney & Co. Brings Brokerage Business Where Wall Street Does Not: Small Issuers

When Eddie McLiney joined the family brokerage six years ago, his first transaction was so small it looked more like the bonus of a neophyte Wall Street investment banker than a bond deal... Download full article

May 11, 2000

The Bond Buyer

Standing Up for QZABS

Most underwriting firms approach the notoriously complex qualified zone academy bonds the way one would approach a porcupine--very carefully, if at all. But the family-owned firm of McLiney And Company in Kansas City, MO., has embraced the prickly securities, making the firm's bankers among the few experts in a program... Download full article

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