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QZABs: Qualified Zone Academy Bonds

The U.S. Department of Education's plan for rebuilding America's schools

In 1997 the United States Congress enacted the Tax Payer Relief Act which authorized a little known debt instrument for school finance called Qualified Zone Academy Bonds or QZABs. They allow qualifying schools to borrow at little or NO INTEREST COST.

10% Contribution

We have helped hundreds of school districts meet the 10% contribution requirement.

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McLiney And Company has completed over 500 QZABs—more than any other firm!. We are the only firm operating on a nationwide basis. Click or hover over the states to see the experience McLiney And Company brings to the table.
Qualified Tax Credit Bond Rates
QZABs allow certain qualified schools to borrow money at extremely attractive terms. That is because the purchaser of the QZAB will receive a Federal Tax Credit that will subsidize much, if not all, of the school districts interest cost.

Registered Broker-Dealer?

All firms selling bonds (including QZABs) MUST BE a registered BROKER-DEALER. Always Ask if the person contacting you is registered with FINRA and the SEC.

I highly recommend McLiney and Company. They walked us through the process, and were clearly operating in the best interest of the district. I have already recommended them to neighboring districts, and wouldn't hesitate about using them again in the future.

Todd A. Brose
Superintendent Antelope Elementary School District
Red Bluff, California

I started working with McLiney And Company in 2001 on the first QZAB in the state of Minnesota for the Austin School District. Since then I have completed three additional QZAB issues using McLiney, the last one being for Albert Lea Area Schools in 2011. Working with them makes the QZAB process simple.

Lori Volz, RSBA
Director of Finance & Operations ISD #241
Albert Lea, Minnesota

Thanks to the superior service from Mcliney, QZAB financing made this project a reality for our District.

Isela Brown
Business Manager, Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35
Rio Rico, Arizona

I've already recommended their services to my neighboring district. McLiney did exactly as promised.

Patrick Iaccino
Upper Lake High School District
Upper Lake, California

McLiney delivered a 100% turn-key project. I highly recommend them for any QZAB financing.

Karla Miller
Business Manager, RSU #40

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  • Curricula Development
  • Personnel Training

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